MOOGAS ties up with MPA to bring job seekers into the maritime sector.

We have some vacancies at the moment for Special Limit officer cadets but school would be starting in mid-October in Singapore Maritime Academy. Hence, we could try to quickly place some of the job seekers to join the programme if they meet the requirements.

Please see the attached brochure for more details on the entry requirements as well as details of the training and career progression pathway. We would be glad to host job seekers in your mailing list coming Thursday 26 Sep to share in greater detail on the Special limit programme. Do note that the programme takes around 2 years to complete. Course fees are fully funded and there would also be allowances between $1,200 to $1,600 during the entire training period. This would be a place-and-train scheme meaning that job seekers will be offered a job once they are selected by our sponsoring companies. The companies are typically harbour craft operators operating bunker tankers and some ferries.

Details of event

Special Limit officer cadet programme briefing

Date: 26 Sep (thurs)

Venue: 7B Keppel Road Tanjong Pagar Complex, Level 19, Port Master Meeting Room

Time: 2.30pm




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