Singapore Offshore Shipowners Association (SOSA)


Dear MOOGAS Supporters and Friends,

These are very challenging times we are facing but the show must nevertheless go on.
I always believe that its always in our own mindset and attitudes when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. We will constantly need to think positive to have positive situations come back to us.
I would like to inform you  that I have taken a decision to dissolve MOOGAS.
The Singapore Offshore Shipowners Association (SOSA) will take form in its place and I have now received the mandate from the floor to do it. We will put this in motion in our next AGM in 31st March 2020.
We have the leading  offshore shipowners coming on board to form SOSA.
We will now represent over a fleet of 1000 strong Singapore flagged OSVs, hiring over 5000 local Singaporeans/PRs within our rank and file.
With all these heavy weights on board, I will take this opportunity to step down for them to bring SOSA to the next level. I would like to thank you once again for your support to me and MOOGAS during my term.
Wee Jimmie   
President ( Marine Offshore Oil and Gas Association of Singapore)