Benefits of Belonging

Giving you Recognition

Members Profile – Showcase yourself in Moogas website Manage your own membership record and preferences. Contribute – Take part in LinkedIn discussions, submit articles and papers.

Singapore's Only Industry Association

Provides a gateway to offshore and marine companies within Southeast Asia. Lobbying and influencing work together with WDA, MPA and SSA.

Updates and Professional Support

Free advice on all aspects in the offshore and marine industry Courses – education for those seeking vocational training and mediation/arbitration training Moogas alerter – free subscription to news alerts Regional and global networking opportunities.

So how does it work?

Register as a Member

Register as a Member and choose either a Personal or a Corporate Membership

Check out and make payment

Checkout with either a Credit Card or Paypal. Membership is on an annual basis.


And you will receive updates, ability to collaborate and communicate with Members online - Register for Courses and much more!